8 Reasons I Love My Girl Friends

I’ve never really been a “guy’s girl”… you know, the one who eats pizza for every meal, shows no emotion, and spends her weekends watching football with the boys. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that. And sometimes, I even get a little jealous that I will never be THAT girl. But to my very core, I am a girl’s girl. This has been true since I was very young and has stayed with me through the years. It breaks my heart to hear teenage girls say that they “don’t get along with other girls” because my girlfriends are such critical pieces of who I am. At this stage in my life, I am more grateful than ever before for the girls I call my best friends. Here are eight reasons why:

1. They want me to succeed just as badly as I want to. They understand that we aren’t in a competition. They celebrate my triumphs and help me learn from my losses. They don’t let me quit when things get hard. They know my capabilities and won’t allow me to stop until my potential has been reached.

2. They listen to me, even when they’ve heard the story a thousand times. They let me recount every detail from an argument with a boyfriend (seven times) and allow me to cry over the same situation for five wine nights straight while still somehow managing to feign interest.

3. They tell me when I’m wrong… They let me know when I owe an apology or when I’m not seeing a situation as clearly as I should.      

4. …but never make me feel like they aren’t on my side. Even when I am wrong, they make sure I know they love me even when they do not agree with me.

5. They remind me of my worth when I seem to have forgotten. They always make sure I know exactly what I deserve and that I never settle for less. They don’t let me chase after things that no longer serve me.

6. They hurt when I hurt. They pick up the pieces time and time again. They offer shoulders, spots in their beds, and copious amounts of junk food. There is nothing in the world they would let me face alone. 

7. They always know exactly what I need to hear. Even when it’s not necessarily what I want to hear. They let me know when a dress is too tight or a boy is no good. They truly want what is best for me and always have my best interest in mind.

8. They love even the parts of me that are incredibly hard to love. Even when they are angry with me. Even when I make decisions I am not proud of. Even when I make decisions THEY are not proud of. Even when it’s 10 PM and our makeup is gone and our hair is up. Even when they are sleeping at 3 AM and I call them crying even though they have to work in the morning. They love me fiercely, loyally, unconditionally– and they know that feeling is mutual. 

“A friendship between college girls is grander and more dramatic than any romance.”

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